who is mr. powers?

Single dad. Entrepreneur. Role Model. Upstanding Citizen. Overall cool guy.

Such superlatives describe a select few men. Even fewer can be described with the words “super hero”. Shawn Powers, a mild-mannered single father of two, lives a life many would admire. However, due to an encounter with a natural phenomenon, a special skill-set that no one else possesses was bestowed upon him. He utilizes these gifts to apprehend monsters under the bed, capture creatures in the closet, and beat up bullies on the block as Mr. Powers. Fast as lighting, dope as daylight. Join him on the journey to rid the world of all evil…all while his kids are sound asleep, oblivious to the Powers he possesses. Each day is an adventure, with battles between good and evil at nightfall, all the while teaching the readers valuable life lessons.

Welcome to “the Electrifying Adventures of Mr.Powers”!



Reading to my kids, I notice there aren’t enough books where the characters look and speak like us. I want to give the kids something they can enjoy while teaching them life lessons in the process.  I also created The Electrifying Adventures of Mr. Powers to show everyone that Black Men can be great fathers and still be cool. I pulled from my own experiences to show how great dads and superheroes are synonymous. The idea is to give kids inspiration to use their imaginations to create while putting smiles on the faces of parents everywhere.

- Stephen McGill, writer